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Blog renaming

If you actively follow this blog, you have noticed that I have changed the name. The reason is that I am meeting a lot of amazing people, taking wonderful pictures that I unfortunately don’t post much here. When it comes to tell how to find my blog or Facebook page, Darko Stankovski Photography is not easy to remember. I was conscious of that.

So I choose to seek something easier to remember. Art of Dad is consistent with may main blog.  My name is after all not that important. If you really want to know it or want to check if this is really my blog, check the signature bellow.

Does social networks drain us from our blogs ?

So, my last post on this blog was more than 9 months ago, for Christmas. The previous ones where for Thanksgiving. Does this blog really makes sense ?

I have to confess that lately, I posted most of my photography on my Facebook page. As English is not my native language, I write my opinion on other subjects on my French blog. So does this blog really makes sense ?

Well, I could have closed this blog without any notice, after all, there is only 10 visits per week on those pages. But I want to give it another chance. So, stay around, I should post some stuff soon…

Instagram add an embedding feature

Instagram is a nice image-sharing social network. Yes, social network, not just a filter app. Those who don’t use Instagram only see the image filtering feature. But Instagram real asset is to share pictures with the other users. Instagram started as an app. Recently, they developed users pages where you can access all the pictures from a user from the web. And this is where you can find my page.

Now, Instagram just added a new feature : you can now embed any Instagram picture in a post. is that so useful ? Continue reading

Save on Adobe Lightroom as it will remain out of the Cloud.

Yesterday, there was an awaited hangout on Google+ with the Lightroom team. It was supposed to ba about the features of Lightroom 5 but of course, the first question was about licensing model. The answer is that the software will remain under the perpetual licence model. There will not be exclusive features for the Cloud based offer.

In the meantime, there is a nice offer on Amazon UK where you can get Lightroom at 25% off. The offer ends Wednesday may 29, 2013.

You can watch the hangout on their Youtube channel.

Even if we can trust Tom Hogarty about this, of course no one can predict what will be Adobe’s  decision in a few months or years. Lightroom is available as a Perpetual License model for now. So even if you can still manage your collection using Lightroom, the lesson to be learned those last days is to always have a way out.

Are you Lightroom users ? How do you manage your collection ? How do you process your photo files ?

Just another photography blog…

And I am proud of it. For the last last months, I posted some of my work trough social medias (mostly Facebook and Google+) and some tips and tutorials on the main site Là Bas Land. Social medias are great to spread the word, but less to show a portfolio. Là Bas Land is mostly dedicated for french audience and the photography subject is buried under other stuff.

So, trough this blog, I will focus on photography and maybe other artistic subjects. I will post detailed articles about some shots, a blog is not supposed to be a simple gallery. I will also post photographic centered tutorials and tips.

I wanted to wait to have something really neat with the perfect theme and design, but finally, it will be certainly better to publish the content and work on the design later.

If you want to contact me, you can use any of the links on my profile.