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Simplifying your Workflow with Automator

Automator robotAs a tutorial for photographers, my post about how to rename image files may be scary. To be honest, I do not launch a terminal on every import on my computer. Using softwares trough the command line may sound old fashioned, unfortunately, that’s the way you can get the best of them. As you saw in that post, once you defined the behavior of the tool, you will use the same command. Of course, it is ridiculous to launch a terminal and type it every time. There are some ways to incorporate them in your Workflow, and a really easy one for Mac-users. We simply have to use a little known tool, Automator. Automator is a tool that makes easy the creation of worflows for automating repetitive tasks. Exactly what file renaming is. Lets see here how to use it. Continue reading

Renaming the image files in my photo workflow

No matter how you manage your photos, they will always be files on a computer. As long as we’ll have to deal with files, we must ensure that each name refers undoubtedly to one expected image. The default file name set by the camera does not meet those expectations, so we have to rename our files. It’s up to every photographer to choose one or several patterns, and to stay consistent. I chose to name my photos using the date.

Most of the photo management softwares can rename your photos as you import them. But the flexibility on the name pattern may differ a lot. For this question of flexibility, I choose to rely on a dedicated software, exiv2. Continue reading