The secret of Phantom Manor

I was always taught that a cloudy day was a bad day for photography. But I have to admit that sometimes, a cloudy day is what we want. Especially when it comes to subjects like Phantom Manor.

Phantom Manor

Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris, 2012.

Phantom Manor is an attraction located in Disneyland Paris. It is very similar to the Haunted Mansion found in other Disney Parks, but with a different plot line.

Standing atop a small hill, looking derelict, the ground scattered with dead vegetation, this Victorian building obviously reminds Bates Manor. Of course, everything surrounding the manor is dark. A cloudy sky would look white on most photos. Once again, HDR can help. HDR is a great technique for cloudy days as it enhance the dramatic look of the sky.

This shot was taken in the queue. So of course, it was handheld. The images where processed with LuminanceHDR which helped to align the 3 shots.

Inside Phantom Manor, of course, everything is very dark. Even if cameras are allowed, you really have to set it to high ISO. The Doombuggies are always in motion, so beware the motion blur.

Phantom Manor caves

Under Phantom Manor, Disneyland Paris, 2012.

To be honest, if you go there for the first time, forget the photos. Enjoy the show as Disney’s Imagineeners have made a great job. Of course, you may not understand the plot. Once you read about it, you will really enjoy the attraction.

I wonder how many where frightened and how many where just amazed… What do you expect in such attractions ?

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