Transitive property of picking things up

What happens when you watch one of your favorit show and hear an epic quote like this ? Of course you want to picture it. Then you realize that you got your son a Lego set with everything you need. Then you take the picture.

Transitive property of picking things up


The story behind

First, the show is The Big Bang Theory. What, you never watched the Big Bang Theory ? Well then, just get the The Complete First Season for a start. This is a great sitcom about a group of 4 geeky and socially awkward friends and their neighbor, a waitress and aspiring actress with less intellectual skills but far better social skills and common sense. Well, that was in the first season, since then they socialized a little (one even got married…).

This is taking place in the 13th episod of the 6th season, The Bakersfield Expedition. Wen our 4 geeks go to a Comic Con, the girls want to understand what the big deal is about Comic Books. So, they enter the Comic Book Store…

Of course, they find absurd things in the Comic stories and start arguing about the fact that only Thor can pick the Hammer. And finally they got this consideration:

Bernadette: Well, what if Hulk picked up Thor while Thor is holding the hammer?
Amy: Yeah?
Bernadette: Then by the transitive property of picking things up Hulk picked up the hammer.

This is what inspired the photo. Oh, you may want to know that this is not just a TV jock. If you search the web, you’ll see that the discussion really took place in forums 😉

Taking and publishing the picture

As I wanted to illustrate the quote, the picture must focus on the idea: Hulk picking up Thor as Thor holds the Hammer. I didn’t wanted other things to interfere, so I choose a simple white background. With real people, you take this photo in a studio with a background. With toys, you use a lightbox. But I didn’t have one, this is just a piece of white paper. I used two flash to have 2 light sources.

As this illustrate a quote, I couldn’t just post the picture. I had to add the quote. And as this does illustrate Comic books characters, what about turning it into a cartoon ? To do so, I used the app Halftone. Yes, the image was partially processed on an iPad. At the end, I have a picture which is either a photo and a cartoon.

A word about Toy Photography

For this picture, my actors are toys. Soon, I’ll publish a post about toy photography, but I can say that Toys are great to express some creativity. I can’t afford a model dressed up in Hulk and another in Thor. But I can… borrow my kid’s Hulk and Thor toys. There is another challenge then: trying to get some emotion from those inanimate objects. The advantage is that you have all the time you want to take your picture. Can you imagine, as an actor, being hold like this for minutes or hours ?

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I started to take photos with my father's Canon AE-1 as a kid and never rally stopped. I love to explore new techniques and will use this blog to post some tips. I can't really qualify myself as I enjoy landscapes, portraits, stages and toy photography. If you want to stay in touch, you can follow me trough those link.

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