Renaming the image files in my photo workflow

No matter how you manage your photos, they will always be files on a computer. As long as we’ll have to deal with files, we must ensure that each name refers undoubtedly to one expected image. The default file name set by the camera does not meet those expectations, so we have to rename our files. It’s up to every photographer to choose one or several patterns, and to stay consistent. I chose to name my photos using the date.

Most of the photo management softwares can rename your photos as you import them. But the flexibility on the name pattern may differ a lot. For this question of flexibility, I choose to rely on a dedicated software, exiv2. Continue reading

Sunny spring day in the forest of Fontainebleau

Yesterday was the first warm sunny day since a very long time. It was perfect for a walk in the forest. Forest of Fontainebleau is 70kms south of Paris, France and is renown for its rock climbing. So even for a walk, you have to deal with the rocks.


In the forest of Fontainebleau, 2013

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Just another photography blog…

And I am proud of it. For the last last months, I posted some of my work trough social medias (mostly Facebook and Google+) and some tips and tutorials on the main site Là Bas Land. Social medias are great to spread the word, but less to show a portfolio. Là Bas Land is mostly dedicated for french audience and the photography subject is buried under other stuff.

So, trough this blog, I will focus on photography and maybe other artistic subjects. I will post detailed articles about some shots, a blog is not supposed to be a simple gallery. I will also post photographic centered tutorials and tips.

I wanted to wait to have something really neat with the perfect theme and design, but finally, it will be certainly better to publish the content and work on the design later.

If you want to contact me, you can use any of the links on my profile.